Glove Lacing Program

In the summer of 2017 we took a team of 12 boys and a few of their dads back to our favorite spot in the Dominican. Each time we go, we always gather up a tub of gently used baseball gear to take to our team. The boys are always elated, as most of them play with taped together gloves and hardly usable equipment. Equipment is extremely expensive there and new equipment is not an option.

Before he even finished,

he had a line of kids waiting.

Andy Adams, one of the chaperones that went on this trip re-laces gloves here locally for fun in his spare time. He decided to bring his lace on the trip and one afternoon got it out and offered to refurbish a glove. Before he even finished, he had a line of kids waiting to get theirs done. This was a huge deal for these kids because it extended the life of their glove by many months. The next day, kids from surrounding towns were showing up to have their gloves done. Andy was taking gloves back to the hotel and working on them late into the night just to finish in time. Our glove lacing program was birthed out of this trip. Now, we offer a package that allows Andy to re-lace gloves here in Fayetteville, and we are then able to take them back to the Dominican when we go on our trips each year.

This may seem simple, but it extends much hope and joy to these precious kids who sometimes don’t even know where their next meal is coming from. You can be apart of this program by donating your gently used genuine leather glove or the finances to re-lace a glove. We are always in need of gloves to take back!