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L eadforOne has now taken 3 trips to the Dominican Republic. Each time, we have gone with intentionality to find the place we would like to continually invest in for years to come. The last trip we took in November we decided to invest in a local community in San Pedro.

This community happened to need a baseball

field, so that is what we gave them!

Since then, we have taken over the sponsorship of the team and coach that utilizes the field and Marrucci has been amazing in helping us put together a package for each player on the team that would give them everything that they need. This is a special team in that in order to play on the team each player must be keeping up in school, serving somewhere in their community, and actively learning english. It is our hope that these kids will have an opportunity to pursue a positive future beyond the dreams of playing major league baseball. We have the unique opportunity of working with the team every time we take a trip to the Dominican and we are excited to continue to invest in them just as we do our local community.

We want you to meet Joel, the coach of the team and the full time mentor to these boys. He spends many hours a day helping them get the best coaching he can give and depositing encouragement and hope into them that will last a lifetime. We hope that you will get to meet him one day!

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