About Lead for One

Connecting Communities

Through Servant Leadership

Our goal is to facilitate the flourishing that happens when communities come together across socioeconomic and cultural barriers. We desire to see communities of people connected through sacrificial service and relational leadership.

Know This First

We Want to Bridge the Gap

LeadforOne was birthed out of the realization that Fayetteville and surrounding communities had many people in need and many people willing to give but no bridge for the gap. That’s where we come into play. Our goal is to provide opportunities for you and your family to engage the community through service projects both locally and globally.

Section No. 1

Our Mission

Equip leaders to identify local and global needs, build lasting relationships, serve across socioeconomic barriers, and invest in their communities.


See and understand the needs around us, as well as the people behind the need, and identify pathways into service.


Strive to be leaders who unify and invest in their community by building strong relationships.


Serve and remain present to those most in need in our community and around the world.

Section No. 2

Our Vision

See local and global communities connected and strengthened by servant leadership.


Use leaders to expand community borders and break down relational barriers that often separate those who serve from those in need.


Train leaders to engage the world and the problems that face our communities with creativity and resolve.


Empower community leaders through hands-on training in servant-leadership  to put others before themselves and seek the flourishing of those in need.

English Lessons

As an extension of our partnership in the Dominican Republic, we sponsor a local baseball team. In order to be on the team, each child must be enrolled in school full time, serving their community once a month, and learning English. In the Dominican Republic, the only way to learn English is through local classes — which cost money that many of these children will never have. By sponsoring one of these children, you will be providing English courses from start to finish. You can also rest assured, knowing that you’re giving a child the opportunity to pursue  a career outside of baseball, which remains one of the only ways many Dominicans hope to provide for their families.

Sponsor a Child


Lauren Simpson

Age 17, Student

“The trip to the Dominican really opened my eyes and made a mark on my heart. Throughout the week we were asked to see what life was like living as the minority and it was very different than experiences at home in daily life. Everyone there was willing to go to extreme lengths to talk to me, even though we spoke different languages. The kids and families there all posses so much joy and love despite their circumstances. It changed me!”

Kendyl Hooper

Age 11, Student

“First off leadership academy has been such a blessing to me. I have learned so many things that have helped me become a better leader and improve in my walk with God. The biggest thing I have learned is through the personality testing in leadership academy. My element(s), helped me to  improve as a whole, and taught me how to connect with other personalities. Overall, leadership academy has changed my life!”

Emma Patterson

Age 16, Student

“The week I spent in the Dominican was a total life changing and eye opening experience. Throughout  the week the question “What is your life producing?” was mentioned multiple times. It was a question that really made me think and examine my life. One particular day we were playing with the children of the Sugar Cane village and I noticed how none of the local moms would come up to us. Anytime they needed something they would send one of their children to do it for them. It was like they were afraid of us.  Katie mentioned that the reason for this was probably because of the things they had heard about white people. At first I was totally baffled and confused. What had I done to make them afraid of me? Couldn’t they see that I was there to love and serve them? Then it hit me.  Back in the States I do the exact same thing they do. I judge people based on what I hear about them. And I realized that I don’t want my life producing that kind of judgment. Because as soon as I allow myself to think that way I limit myself from being an advocate for minorities. I limit myself from being a light and showing the love of Christ. I don’t want my life to be producing judgement but I want to be producing compassion. I want to be welcoming and available. When I allowed myself to make a decision about someone based on what I heard, it affected my actions and it limited and put a border around God’s perfect plan for my life.”

Kaitlyn R


“I love that I’ve found an outlet for my kids to volunteer and serve the people around them. Sometimes, I have so much going on that I forget the needs right around me. LeadforOne has helped me family to connect better by serving together.”

Cody Smith

Age 17, Student

“LeadforOne trips to Peru and the Dominican changed my life. I learned for the first time the value God places on everybody and how simply being present in the lives of others and living as an advocate for people changes everything; even when we don’t immediately connect with all people. I was given opportunities to be intentional and discover my passions and gather how I can use them to achieve my dreams here in the U.S.”

Katie Patterson

Age 14, Student

“I’ve always been a selfish person and lately I’ve been working on controlling that. It wasn’t until recently that my heart was kind of feeling empty. I realized that I’ve never dedicated my whole heart to God before. I’ve given him pieces, but not the whole. I was being selfish and keeping a part of it for myself.  The teaching through LeadforOne in the Dominican led me to give my whole heart to God. I felt like God was just urging me to put my selfishness behind me and trust in Him with my life.”

Katie Patterson

Age 14, Student

“The trip to the Dominican Republic helped me to engage in prayer in a new way. I don’t know why, but I’ve never truly understood the impact it can have on people’s lives until this trip. Going around the villages and getting to bless people with material items and prayer was an awesome feeling that I personally never got to experience until this trip.”

Andrea Morris


“My kids are learning how to serve their community and children in need through LeadforOne’s service project. Packing backpacks for kids in their community really helped them understand how fortunate they are and impressed upon them the importance of helping others who need it.”

Alonna Clark

Age 39, Counselor, Mom

“It’s great to be a part of something bigger than yourself- to give back to the community in such an impactful way. I love that I was able to participate in the backpack drive for kids with my 6 year old who was able to see what it is like to give back to her community.”

Byers Elmore

Age 18, Student

“My trip to Peru changed how I thought. While I was there, I saw how the people are truly affected by poverty. I saw my ability to show people love through serving them.”

Zach Freeman

Age 13, Student

“Leadforone has taught me how to engage in conversation with new people that I meet.”

Emma Patterson

Age 16, Student

“My week in the Dominican really forced me to examine the fruits my life was producing and allowed me to see clearly the fruits God intends my life to be producing.“

James Elmore

Cool Catcher INC, Dad

“The Peru trip for me as a father, allowed me to see God move in my son’s life and come home from the trip with a deeper relationship with God. Also, my son and I were able to connect as a father and son on a spiritual level through nightly conversation after each day which was awesome for me!”


Kyle & Katie Atkins

Kyle and Katie married in 2015 and live in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Kyle works in real estate, but dabbles in a few other entrepreneurial endeavours. Katie has her degree in dietetics and works in the field of infant nutrition. Two years ago, they began LeadforOne in hopes of reaching kids by giving them the opportunity for personal development through service, both locally and globally. Katie and Kyle are foster parents for children in transition. In their free time, you can find them outdoors, with family & friends, or playing with their 120 pound Rottweiler, Zeke.


We believe that behind every successful organization there is a team of experienced individuals collaborating to provide wisdom, accountability, and integrity for every decision made. Each individual involved on our board is connected to the community in different ways and offers a unique skill set to help us be successful.

Mark Power

Mark Power

Board Member

Brian Clark

Board Member

Brian Clark is a Senior Vice President for NCR. He and his wife Alonna have lived in Fayetteville for over 10 years and having served the community faithfully as they sit on several other boards.
Get Involved

Many hands make light work. Join us.

We have found that the most effective way to reach the entire community is with the  help of many individuals/companies together. Our partners have played a huge role in each project we have been able to do. Whether it be a venue, a backpack, a meal, a chaperone, or a financial gift—we could not do it without them. If you are looking for a way to get involved and give back, being a partner is a great place to start. Simply fill out our form and designate the way you would like to partner.

  • Walmart
  • eSco
  • Chic-fil-A
  • Sassafrass Springs Vineyard
  • Tyson
  • Edgewell
  • Just Born
  • Pepsi Co.
  • Marucci
  • Cool Catcher
  • Phillips 66
  • Tesoro
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How do I get involved?

The best way to get involved with us is to join in on one of our upcoming service events, or sign up for an international trip. If neither of these is an option for you, consider becoming a monthly sponsor!

How do I stay updated on upcoming events?

Join our newsletter, follow us on social media, or visit our website.

Is there a specific age that LeadforOne caters to?

LeadforOne is family oriented. We strive to be an organization where the entire family can be involved.

How can I be involved if I don’t want to serve at an event or go on a trip?

Consider being a monthly donor. We always need help getting enough supplies for events like our food drive and backpack drive.

What will I get out of being apart of LeadforOne?

A place to serve and belong in your community. The platform to make a difference. The resources to help someone in need and the opportunity to see your kids and yourself develop as a servant leader. This is also an excellent way to obtain community service hours if you are a student.

What if the question I have isn’t on here?

Shoot us a message, we would love to answer any questions you might have!

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