Connecting Communities

Through Servant Leadership

LeadforOne was birthed out of the realization that Northwest Arkansas is home to many people in need as well as many people who are willing and ready to meet needs. The problem lies in bridging the gap between these two communities in a way that unifies instead of separating. That’s where we come in.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for you and your family to engage and relate to communities in need through service projects both locally and globally.

We lead through
service projects.

We believe that leadership starts with humility and the willingness to put others before yourself. We develop leaders through local and global service projects that facilitate understanding of what it means to be a servant-leader.

We engage our
local community.

We desire to see Northwest Arkansas strengthened by community involvement. Our local service opportunities allow community members to reach out and engage practically and relationally with their neighbors in need.

We build global
service partnerships.

We believe in the importance of global community. Our international trips focus on recognizing needs in different cultural contexts and serving in ways that are tailored to the communities we partner with year after year.

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Dominican Republic 2020

June 28 – July 3rd

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Leadforone began as a small dream and has developed into a big reality in the the past three years. Our initial goal was to impact the community locally, and that has happened. What we didn’t know is that we would expand globally to reach people all around the world. Here are a few ways this has happened.

Our Partnership with the Dominican Republic

We have chosen the Dominican Republic as a place to continually invest in. Specifically, a small village in Santo Domingo. We take kids, teens, and adults to complete unique projects and experience serving in an entirely new culture.

The Glove Lacing Program

An extension of our partnership with the Dominican Republic, we take worn gloves with good leather and make them good as new through re-lacing. These are primarily donated gloves from the U.S. that get taken back to kids on each of our trips.

Backpacks Packed
Gloves Repaired
Meals Delivered
The Difference

“Never doubt that one person can make a difference.”

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People are starting to talk.

From junior high and high school students, to business professionals and CEO's, Lead for One is making an impact. See what people are saying.

“The trip to the Dominican really opened my eyes and made a mark on my heart. Throughout the week we were asked to see what life was like living as the minority and it was very...”

Lauren SimpsonAge 17, Student

“My trip to Peru changed how I thought. While I was there, I saw how the people are truly affected by poverty. I saw my ability to show people love through serving them...”

Byers ElmoreAge 18, Student

“The trip to the Dominican Republic helped me to engage in prayer in a new way. I don't know why, but I've never truly understood the impact it can have on people's lives until this trip..”

Katie PattersonAge 14, Student

“It’s great to be a part of something bigger than yourself- to give back to the community in such an impactful way. I love that I was able to participate in the backpack drive for kids...”

Alonna ClarkAge 39, Counselor, Mom

“LeadforOne trips to Peru and the Dominican changed my life. I learned for the first time the value God places on everybody and how simply being present in the lives of others and...”

Cody SmithAge 17, Student

“My week in the Dominican really forced me to examine the fruits my life was producing and allowed me to see clearly the fruits God intends my life to be...”

Emma PattersonAge 16, Student

“Leadforone has taught me how to engage in conversation with new people that I meet.”

Zach FreemanAge 13, Student
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